India may miss the planned investments in infrastructure

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Amid the economic crisis in almost all sectors in India, a lack of “bankable” projects, not the capital could be a major obstacle to India for its projected Rs.56.32 lakh crore investment in infrastructure in the 12th Period Plan (2012-17) to meet the head of a consulting firm infrastructure said Saturday.

“The lack of bankable projects is the biggest problem in our country,” Vinayak Chatterjee, chairman of the public infrastructure – organized with the media at the edge of a meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Kolkata – India’s greatest virtue.

The Rs 56.32 lakh crore investment planned in 12 Plan Period, about Rs.29 lakh crore likely to be invested by the private sector by the government and the rest area.

However, Chatterjee said that the country would be a lot more projects in the pipeline have each year to achieve the investment objective.

“The main reason it is not considered in arithmetic, how bankable projects are necessary to achieve the goal,” he said.

“The other problem is that creative energy with the private sector. However, the private sector can not create the commandments.,  It can not respond to the offer, “he said.

According to him, the lack of tangible infrastructure projects with a lack of political will and bureaucratic were “active constraints” rather than lack of capital, which was the popular belief.

He also called for the creation of an independent commission to renegotiate projects public-private partnership (PPP) in India for “transparency.”

The country needs an institutional framework for intervention and renegotiation of infrastructure projects under the PPP mode, he said.

A delegation led by CII Chatterjee, the proposal from the Planning Commission did last Saturday

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