Kolkata Places of Visit and Attractions in Kolkata

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Kolkata Places of Visit

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is a huge white marble building designed by Lord Curzon and Prince of Wales opened it in 1921. This building has tree-lined avenues, large parks, lakes and magnificent statue is that of Queen Victoria. The building was designed and built in white marble from Makrana in Rajasthan style of the Italian Renaissance cum Saracenic. This building is often referred to as the Taj Mahal of the British Raj and was built in memory of Queen Victoria. The monument is topped with a dome, a huge bronze statue of renewable Victory as a rooster weather affects crowned. It has a number of elements of the British Raj, a piano and a desk of Queen Victoria, Pound, portraits and paintings by Reynolds, Zoff, Daniell and Emily Eden, miniatures, Persian manuscripts, portraits of leaders and a reminder of the military conflict.

Victoria Memorial



Dakshineshwar Kali temple on the opposite side of the river from the bridge next to the Belur Math Vivekananda. Dakshineshwar temple was made by Rani Rashmoni  in 1947. Rani Rashmoni received divine inspiration in a dream to build a temple of Kali. Sri Ramakrishna saint lived and worshiped here. Kali temple dedicated 12 laps and 12 other smaller temples in the courtyard with Shiva and Radha Krishna. But Sadly only the Hindus are permitted to go inside the place of worship.


Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu was opened in 1943. This cantilever bridge time replaces old pontoon joinedthe main station and the industrial city of Howrah. Kolkata is the main attraction of this bridge.To avoid the influence of currents flow and situations, is 280 m tower pillars of the road, and the gap between the 450 meters Howrah Bridge is the longest bridge in the world. There are eight traffic lanes and two pedestrians are always crowded with vehicle and people from various places.

Howrah Bridge


Marble Palace

Marble Palace is a fantastic piece of architecture built by Rajendra Mallik and located in the north of Calcutta removed. Marble Palace was previously recognized as the Palace of Arts and was the Marble Palace of Lord Minto. Marble Palace is decorated building with a courtyard in the Italian classical columns and a large pool with a fountain and Egyptian sphinx.This palace is one of a collection of art treasures and a vast collection of artifacts. Enter through the courtyard, where you will be welcomed by grackles and aviary fires. There are about eighty different types of balls or indirectly, for use in part of the palace, including the patterned ground and fresh white walls. Long galleries are crammed with sculptures, ceramics, mirrors, and Chandeliers, Dutch, Italian and English paintings. In the garden there are six sculptures of lions sleeping adorning lawns. Part of a large garden was now regarded as the foremost zoo in Kolkata.

Marble Palace


Nakhodka Mosque

Nakhodka mosque is the largest mosque; Kolkata had ever had still now, the mosque can provide accommodation of 10,000 worshipers. This mosque was built in 1926-1942 in red sandstone. The four-storey building is the tomb of Akbar at Sikandra.The mosque is a huge painted blue and white dome surrounded by minarets 246 metersNakhodka Mosque



Jorasako is the home of Prince Dwarkanath Tagore and save his illustrious Grandchildren Rabindranth Tagore.

Jorasako is also known as  Rabindra Bharati University and Museum.

Kolkata Jorasanko Thakurbari


MP Birla Planetarium

The MP Birla Planetarium is located on the eastern region of the Maidan in the Chowringhee area of ​​Kolkata. The planetarium is one of the largest in the world and the ideal place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata. This is the perfect place to sit and relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the sky in Calcutta.

B.B.D. Bagh

B.B.D. Or Benoy Badal Dinesh Bagh Bagh formerly Dalhousie Square, the three martyrs named Bengali, Benoy, Badal and Dinesh. The place was the capital of the empire with a small lake in the middle supplied by natural sources. It is also believed that John Charnock gets used to drinking water from the reservoir. There are other  place of visit like the writer building, General Post Office, Vidhan Sabha, Raj Bhawan, St John, Calcutta High Court,  etc.

Eden Garden

Eden Gardens is a pattern of famous cricket in India and is often considered Cricket in Medina. Enthusiastic and excitable temperament Bengal fan, which Down in flocks, probably helped earn that reputation. This garden was named after the sister of Eden Lord Auckland. Eden Gardens once covered with trees and lush gardens. The area also has a small Burmese pagoda set in a small lake.

Eden Garden

Belur Math

Belur Math is the global headquarters of Ramkrishna Mission, the order of Ramakrishna. The mission was founded in 1899 by Swami Vivekananda, who was a very good student of the great 19th Century Hindu saint Ramkrishna was founded. Architecture, church, mosque and temple when viewed from different angles, which synthesize the Hindu, Christian and Islamic architectural styles.



Maidan, a huge green space was originally designed as a most imposing feature of Fort William. There are about 200 years, the Maidan covered in dense jungle. Tigers, crocodiles and other wildlife were common here. But nowadays it is a emerald backyard and are the lungs of Calcutta and covers more than 400 acres in the heart of the city. This huge green park is a popular destination for joggers and morning walkers and tourists. Many sports clubs Calcutta Fort William, Ochterlony Monument, which is also known as the Shahid Minar Maidan away. Ochterlony monument was erected in 1828 to commemorate Sir David Ochterlony, the hero of the Indo – Nepal War, later renamed Shaheed Minar for those who came to the country’s freedom is death. It is 150 feet and on a pedestal surmounted by a Turkish Egyptian dome.


Fort William

The British built a huge fortress in 1756 to replace the old fort in Calcutta andrenamed Fort William King William III. This fort was completed about 1781 years on the site of the former Govindapur village. The fort was designed to earn roughly the shape of an octagonal plan, about 500 m in diameter. This fort was built to accommodate all Europeans, in the case of an attack. Large enough One of the five entrances of the fort was a bridge with water. Church of St. Peter, barracks and stables remain arsenal, prison and strong rooms in the fortress.

Kalighat Kali Temple

Kali Temple is situated in Kalighat. This temple is an important Hindu pilgrimageCenter. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, the patron goddess of Calcutta. This temple was built in 1809 on the site of an ancient temple, where the fingers of the goddess said he fell when Shiva carried the charred body was cut into pieces and rebuilt marked Vishnu Chakra. This temple attracts the largest number of followers, especially on special occasions like New Year and Bengali Durga Puja.

Kali Temple Kalighat

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is located on the banks of the Hooghly River. This garden was created by Colonel Alexander of the East India Company as a leisure retreat in 1787 and covers more than 272 acres of land. The main attraction of the garden is 250 years old banyan tree with a circumference of more than 380 m, which is one of the largest roofing and tallest trees in the world. The garden has over 35,000 varieties of plants. There are several varieties of exotic plants in the herbarium, ferns, cacti and orchids and houses domed Palm House 16 m.


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