LGBTs simply walking Kolkata road in this summer on 6th  to claim their rights

LGBTs simply walking Kolkata road in this summer on 6th to claim their rights

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This  weekend Kolkata will observe a show of a different kind. Individuals from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) group will stroll into the roads for their future to claim their rights, their existence in the community. Named Bengal Pride Walk, the road display is being organized by the Organization of Transgender/Hijra in Bengal (ATHB).

Decorated automobiles holding information for the group, songs and dancing along the path of the stroll are sure to entice viewers. You hesitant them or you love them, you will not simply be able to neglect the vibrant show nor the lifestyle of individuals with different sex-related choice. The stroll from Hazra traversing will end up at the front side of the Academia of Fine Arts where activists will collect and talk about problems and problems experienced by the group.

The countdown to the pride stroll started with a candlestick light goal in this summer  on June 30 where people from the group and their followers collected in a recreation area in the town. The organizers are also having different pre-events to drum up assistance for the stroll.

Though ATBH was an aspect Kolkata Rainbow Pride stroll organized every year in the town, this time the company is planning an individual stroll in this summer on 6th, a day before  the Kolkata Rainbow Pride. Organizations like SAATHI and Kolkata Rishta are also predicted to be a part of the occasion.

“We are planning the stroll with the purpose of providing all LGBT people from the state together. This is not only one occasion in the area of our activism but just another feather in our hat. We are consistently working on the problem,” said a formal of ATBH.

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